Stapleton Maternity Photographer // Baby 3… 19 weeks

Now I’m questioning doing these weekly belly selfies….my belly isn’t changing much! I always carry my babes super low and my belly starts out oddly pointy. I guess today’s photo looks like it is rounding out some at least. I’m going a little nuts because I still am not sure if I have felt any movement yet. I felt the boys pretty late, but found out I don’t have anterior placenta this time so I got my hopes up for before 20. I’ll feel a twinge here or there and freeze, but nothing more happens. I remember at our 20 week u/s with Max laying on the table and watching my belly bounce. C’mon baby, let’s do this! We find out if we’re having a boy or girl next Friday, aka the longest wait EVER! I almost thought about not finding out this time and now I see why I didn’t wait with the others. I’m driving myself mad. I dreamed we found out we were having a boy once with both Carson and Max and two nights ago I had the boy dream again. Although, Carl was wearing a tutu and we were sitting with a nurse in a mall dressing room…. We’ll see! I’m psyching myself out at this point. Overall I am feeling great though and so lucky to be here again.

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