Parker Maternity Photographer // Baby 3…14 weeks

I have serious regret about the lack of photos from my pregnancies with Carson and Max. At least I did a half-shoot at 38 weeks for Max with my lovely friend, but I should’ve done more. A handful of bathroom mirror iPhone shots just don’t cut it when I try to go back and relive it. Yesterday marks 14 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I’m kicking off the GLORIOUS second trimester with my bump project. I’ll try to recreate this shot each week throughout, because I can and I should. It hits me in the face more often than not that I only regret the photos I don’t take. I can’t wait to see it all together at the end! Seriously though, this bump just came out of nowhere.

Denver Parker Aurora Stapleton Maternity and Newborn Photographer

And because I haven’t shared anything personal for too long, here are just a couple favorites of my crazy boys from the last few months.

IMG_1137 web

IMG_1155 webIMG_1139 web

IMG_2607 web

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