Denver Lifestyle Photographer // Family trip to Albuquerque.

I love being a business owner. It has always been a huge dream of mine since growing up watching my parents work and my dad run a successful business. The problem with me is that I always take on too much. I never feel like I can give any one piece of life 100%. I am a full time mommy, a wife, I work a full-time day job from home, I do everything in my business all by myself and I’m starting a new project on top of it all. Sometimes I feel like everything is on track and other times it’s like any piece can fall apart at the drop of a hat. We all have things happen in our lives that make us stop and reevaluate from time to time. We’ve had two pretty big moments in our family this week. The “what” isn’t that important (I may talk about it in the future), but it has all made me very insightful to take stock in our daily lives. I want to share parts of our world here, but to be honest, I haven’t even picked up my camera in two months for anything personal. That doesn’t feel good!

So this morning all the boys are home since schools got cancelled with the rain. They are playing nicely (somehow) and I have a minute to sit down with the last set of photos I took this summer. We went on an impromptu road trip to Albuquerque with Carson and Max in tow and spent the weekend exploring. Here are some of my favorites of my boys that make me so happy to have and sad that I don’t take these every day. I’ve done daily projects in the past, but I really shouldn’t add that kind of pressure to myself right now. I’m going to find a way to add in shooting for me to shooting all of my amazing clients!

My boys, exploring in a new land, summer of 2013. Carson, 5+3mo old. Max, 2 years old.

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