Denver Lifestyle Photographer // Beauty Box Battle


#1: I talk fast. Really fast. And I so apologize for that.
#2: Why does YouTube ALWAYS choose the oddest freeze frame up there?
#3: Sign up for a month of a beauty box. You pick which one.
#4: Do you agree with me on the winner???

I have been a loyal Birchbox subscriber for a long time. I can’t resist new products! Seriously, signing up for one of these boxes is painless. It is really just $10 and you can cancel anytime. I’ve had no problems ever with my subscription and it is so much fun. Who doesn’t love getting goodies in the mail when all you expect are bills?!?!

Here are my links if you want to sign up. I’d so appreciate if you use me as your referral! (I said in the video that you get a $10 coupon for 10 points, but I meant for every 100 points.) and

If you do sign up, let me know here or on Facebook!

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