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My business, like me, is a work in progress. To say this business has been a labor of love is an understatement. Behind the scenes I have been planning, designing and redesigning my new branding CONSTANTLY. Like, literally, daily. I’m embarrassed to say how many times I have changed everything, but luckily no one (besides my mom) saw any of it. I can design for other people all day long, but my own brand just wasn’t feeling right. (If you need a Prophoto blog and logo custom designed, contact me!)  What it did do was absolutely force me to look inward and make a concrete decision about myself and my path. I am so lucky that this is what I want to do and not what I need to do. That translates into keeping it my passion and not my job. I have been able to take the time to figure out what I want to be doing and who I want to be working with.

So, welcome to the new Rachael Wooten Photography blogsite and branding!

I have made a lot of changes to how I do things, but it’s all to make the process smoother so I can provide the
best experience possible
. I’m still pretty proud of getting 100% in my college Customer Service course. 😉 I can’t promise that I still won’t tweak some things here and there, but I’m really proud to be where I ended up.

As for some changes in the whole photo session part, I am still focusing on families and newborns, but am also going to put a big focus on senior girls. The biggest part of this change is now ALL of my sessions include a professional makeup session! This is the part that is the most exciting. I am passionate about making women feel gorgeous and I get the pleasure of actually being able to show them what I see. As everyone knows, moms take the least amount of time for themselves. I am making mom priority #1 and everything else falls around her. Even if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, you will be shocked at what a pro can do! Lets face it. Even if the kids look adorable in a photo, if Mom doesn’t like how she looks it is not going on the wall. And senior girls? There is something about this time in their lives where they are still so innocent, but are on the verge of taking on the world. Their beauty is unmeasurable. I get so excited thinking about working with amazing ladies!

So what’s next???    I’m now offering pre-session consultations for anyone who thinks they may be interested in booking. Let me buy you a coffee or a session at Little Monkey Bizness. If you want to sit down with me, email me at (Anyone can do this with no pressure to book!)

Or if you are interested in being a senior rep for Rachael Wooten Photography, complete the quick Senior Rep Application for seniors in the Denver, Parker and Littleton areas. I’m accepting applications, but will only choose a handful of girls who fit the bill.

Because a post isn’t complete without a photo…… is me and my 11-month-old babe from last night. Yes, Max is 11 months old. NOT one year. I will take every last day I can get until then.

Mom with curled hair and blonde boy baby cuddling outdoors in Denver Parker Aurora Colorado.

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