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I’ve always had a thing for a mystery. Thriller movies, TV documentaries like Dateline and 48 Hours…….. and shopping. No, not the “go in and spy on a shop clerk to hopefully not get scammed out of your money” kind of mystery shopping.

The Hello Kitty store in the old Ogden Mall  used to get me every time. I’d have enough for the pencil box with all the secret compartments that I lusted over, but I literally couldn’t resist the surprise paper grab bag folded over and held with a pink sticker. Even choosing which bag in the whole basket was part of the fun. I’d rather buy one thing that’s a little less expensive and be able to throw in a mystery bag with the purchase. You never know what could be in there! Even though I bought it so many times that I should have known it was ALWAYS stickers, a piece of candy and an eraser.

Why am I talking about Hello Kitty? You can get the equivalent adult version of the mystery bag sent right to your house from Birchbox! I’m also a sucker for samples so this lives right in my alley. For a flat $10 you get a beautiful box delivered once a month, usually around the 10th. Not every box around the country has identical products so you never know what you’ll get. Sometimes they are all small like this month’s box and sometimes you even get some full-sized products. It’s all makeup and beauty related though. I love the pretty linen press paper description that comes along too.

Sign up here to join in on the fun!  And no, I have no affiliation with Birchbox. I just can’t help but share shopping awesomeness!   🙂

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