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We can’t ignore social media any longer! As if you’ve even tried. I did try for a while, but I’ve fallen victim as well. Luckily it’s been a fun surprise. Not only does it give us a chance to connect at a quick touch of a button, but it sure does break up the day! (Not to mention it lets me talk to grown ups when convos with a 3-year-old get a liiiiiitle boring!)

TWITTER: You’ll find all my iPhone instagrams here. A little more informal, pop culture references and hopefully lots of fun!

FACEBOOK: An extension of this blog. This is where we get to have a conversation and I can see you too! I love hearing about you and hopefully you will feedback to me!

POLYVORE: This is an awesome site where you get to create fashion looks. I’m able to put together person styles and “what to wear” styles for you and your photo sessions with me!

PINTEREST: Pinterest is really picking up some steam, and for a good reason. Here we can create virtual style boards to keep your inspiration photos. We can follow each others loves and get a little inspiration from one another! (PS – You need an “invitation” to join Pinterest. Leave or message me your email if you want one from me!)

–I’ve also added an awesome feature here to my blog. If you leave a comment on any post you’ll get an email back from me with a special offer! Try it out…..if you follow me on any of these sites leave a comment and let me know!

Happy surfing 🙂

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