Thursday Threads: gray and blush | Denver Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

I’m trying to be a realist and realize that I just had a baby. My mind and my body have quite been meeting in the middle. I keep going to wear favorites from my closet only to be more than disappointed that they don’t quite fit yet. Man, am I ever excited to go get weighed at the doctor next week! ::insert sarcasm smiley::  But….it hasn’t kept me off the internet. I want to shop for new clothes SO bad right now! Luckily I can look, not touch at the moment.

If I were getting my portraits done today this is what I would choose. I’m really feeling gray and blush, oversized bows, flowy tops, elongating cardigans, flattering jeans and heavy black eyes mixed with soft pink accessories. This would kill in a photo session.

I really believe that women are the essential piece to the photo wardrobe puzzle. If you find an outfit and accessories that make you feel confident and radiant then the rest of the family will follow suit. I always recommend that mom picks her outfit first. Everyone else will be a piece of cake! Somehow men buy clothes without even holding them up to their bodies, let alone try them on. Get yourself figured out and you’ll be able to picture what the group should look like much easier. Always remember: color, pattern, texture, shine (and accessories).

What combo are you drawn to this late summer?

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