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I find myself doing daily tasks and just stopping to swoon over Max. We can get some amazing smiles out of him now. He’s even starting to find his voice already. He has been such a welcome addition to our life. I never imagined we could have produced a baby that is so calm! More than once we’ve been out somewhere and had to say, “We brought the baby, right?!” He does like to be held a lot, but what’s wrong with that? I guess sometimes the lack of productivity….but who cares.

My solution for this is the baby wrap. I’m a huge advocate for baby wearing; I don’t think I could get much done without my Sleepy Wrap. He is crashed out in it as I sit and type these words. There’s just something about feeling him breath while being so tight against my body. I feel like we are connected when he’s in this thing. It makes them sleep and calm down almost instantly! And if you’re wondering what the Sleepy Wrap is, it’s like the Moby Wrap, but much better. I bought a Moby when Carson was born and I hated the material. It has no stretch to it at all and you have to get the slack juuuuust right. After 2 months I bought the Sleepy Wrap and it was heaven. It is super stretchy so it molds to your body while being plenty strong enough to hold the baby. You put it on so it fits you and then it stretches around them. No guessing on the fit. I take it everywhere with us!

Anyways, I keep trying to do things in my day and find myself stopping to reach for the camera instead. I was cleaning our bedroom and Max was my lovely companion. I think I need a camera to keep in every room of the house. A girl can dream, right?

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