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Lately I’ve been doing some reaching into myself to find out who I am. This may sound odd, but it is a culmination of what is happening right now. Our family is growing and so is my professional family. Over the last months the thing at the forefront of my mind has been my brand. Who do I want to be? What do I want you to see when you land here at my site? Then I heard a quote on an online workshop that made me stop and change gears: “Brand for who you are, not who you want to be.” To be honest, I like myself like I am. I have pretty strong tastes and feel like I know where I want to go and who I want to take with me. I want you to come here, meet me and feel like you know me before we ever speak….the real me. The me you’ll meet in my everyday life, not the me I wish I was. I’m not going to sugar-coat things or act like I’m cooler than I am. I like people who are real and hope to interact with people who are like me.

Blech, that was a little deep. In thinking about myself I started to make a list of the little things that are unique to me. You obviously know I’m a woman, mom and photographer so putting that on an “about me” page doesn’t get you very far. Here is a different list that will hopefully introduce me to you.

-I have shoe guilt. Since having Carson I have hardly worn heels at all. Not that I haven’t bought any, because I have, and that’s part of the problem. I really really really want to wear my heels most of the times I get dressed for the day. I used to wear them every day. Now they just sit in my closet and mock me. I hate when the daily practical side of me wins over the try-to-feel-fabulous side.

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-When my iPod is on it is often shuffling through my extensive Backstreet Boys collection. I don’t even think twice about my street cred in admitting that.
-I purposefully avoid restaurants that only serve Pepsi products.
-I love that I can give my husband (Carl) a certain look at any time and make him laugh.
-My office assistant is a 15-year-old kitty named Lily that I got in the 7th grade. She sits on or near my chair and meows at me all day long.
-I’m a sucker for all things pretty, soft and girlie. Especially pink ones.
-I went to college for technical sales and fashion merchandising. I quickly realized I would have to move to CA or NY to actually be in the fashion world so that fizzled fast. But I love that I still have the passion and the education to back it up since it’s so applicable to what I’m doing now.
-I have an obsession with paper products. I actually set up a stationery business about three years ago because I had been doing it as a hobby for so long, but then got serious about photography. For as much as I embrace the digital age, you’ll still receive a beautiful printed package from me if you book.
-You’ll rarely ever catch me wearing brown, even though I like it and my house wears it.
-I’m a total reality TV junkie. I also haven’t missed an episode of The People’s Court in at least 5 years. Not every court show, just The People’s Court. Sue me.
-I eat zero, zilch, zippy, nada seafood. If it ever survived in water I will not touch it.
-My parents divorced when I was 3. My mom and dad are polar opposites,  but always came together to give me a privileged childhood. My mom is responsible and introverted whereas my dad is a salesman and as sarcastic as they come. Somehow I fell right down the middle as a sarcastic homebody.
-I can’t live without my morning cuddle/squeeze/kiss from my ever-growing baby boy.
-I’ve known Carl since junior high and we survived being apart for almost 4 years through college.

Well, hopefully some of these little fun facts about me will get us off to a good start. I also started a Formspring account and I’d love some questions! Feel free to either post here in the comments or ask away at

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